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    16 August 2017


    Around the clock answers 


    We work hard to make your experience calling us as good as possible. Our call centre is located in Australia and we focus on providing expedient service when you call. Still, we understand that it’s not always possible to call during business hours. For you, the best time to call may be first thing in the morning or after you’ve put the kids to bed.

    We understand the frustration. That’s why we created an automated system that can provide you with answers to questions about your account using a secure, responsive system that you can access at a time that is convenient for you.   

    “We had the right solution and a great team with plenty of experience,” said our Head of Client Services Sharnie Barabas. “Our phone support has always been a point of pride for us; our members know they can call us to get answers. We wanted to provide that same level of support around the clock.”  

    Security is a primary concern when dealing with retirement funds. Because we connected systems with access to sensitive information, it was essential that we provide an experience that’s smooth but also inspires confidence. “The experience is smooth and secure without ever feeling cumbersome”, said Sharnie.   

    A team effort to make a big change

    “It was less than six months from when the idea was first proposed to our official launch,” said CEO Greg Cantor. “I am proud of how our team worked together to execute this new way to support our members. There were many different areas of our business involved in creating our new phone support system and they went above and beyond.”

    The rigorous process that was used to create this new system has been recognised by The Australian Business Awards with the 2017 Process Improvement Award! We’ve had thousands of members use the new system and the reviews have been great.   

    It might seem odd to share our excitement about an automated phone system, but this is another example of ways that we are improving your experience with Australian Catholic Superannuation. We provide a wonderful, personalised service – the human connection – and make the most of technology to provide you with the information you need.   

    Have questions? Give us a call anytime on 1300 658 776.



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