• Australian Catholic Superannuation Financial Advice Services named ‘Team of the Year’

    3 August 2017

    High honours from Industry Fund Services for second consecutive year

     2017. Financial Plan Team

    The Financial Planning Team from Australian Catholic Superannuation (L-R): Lenise Doherty, Hugh Keenan, Chris Cunneen, Mathew Wu, Tom Rouse, Sonya White, Boris Tesanovic, Alan Zheng, Paul Sharp, Oya Guney, Tina Tran and Tim Poole (Head of Financial Advice).

    For the second consecutive year, Australian Catholic Superannuation’s financial advice services have been named Team of the Year and our Boris Tesanovic named Financial Planner of the Year at the Industry Fund Services (IFS) Professional Development Conference in Melbourne. The award was announced on Tuesday night.

     2017. IFS Logo

    The awards are judged on four key criteria, including achieving Fund expectations; number of members receiving advice; number of topics covered in Statement of Advice; and advice audit results.

    In a presentation announcing the winner, Chris Joiner, Executive Manager - IFS Advice Solutions, praised Australian Catholic Superannuation for its delivery of quality advice to members, its compliance standards and the volume of members receiving personal advice.

    Providing financial advice is just one of the many ways that we go beyond expectations for our members to support life-long financial stability. Australian Catholic Superannuation CEO Greg Cantor said, “The support and service we provide to members is always in their best interest. I am proud of the results that our team has produced. These awards for our financial advice services are evidence and validation of how we support our members”.

    Australian Catholic Superannuation provides face-to-face financial advice and planning services at offices around the country as well as offering our members complementary, personalised advice over-the-phone. Head of Financial Advice Tim Poole said, “We encourage all members of our Fund to take advantage of the advice services available to them both in-person and over-the-phone. There are immediate, tangible benefits that people can gain from engaging with our financial advice team that will help them achieve their long-term goals”.

    IFS Financial Planner of the Year Boris Tesanovic was humble about receiving the award for the second consecutive year. “Being recognised by IFS and my peers for the last two years is a wonderful honour. This award is absolutely a credit to the team we have working here who provide incredible support for our members. I look forward to continuing to represent the best interests of everyone who comes to Australian Catholic Superannuation for advice”.

    There are three tiers of financial advice services available - general, limited and comprehensive; you do not need to be a member of the Fund to engage with an Australian Catholic Superannuation financial advisor. “We are different than other financial advice services because we begin by getting to know the person who has come in for advice, to understand their needs and goals”, said Tesanovic. “There isn’t a single set of recommendations that is perfect for each case. By listening, we are able to create a plan that is right for every unique situation.”

    The financial planning services offered by Australian Catholic Superannuation have received very positive feedback. One couple called Boris a “true professional,” saying that he “explained the finance opportunities that are available to us in a very simple manner but maintained all the detail” so he and his wife “felt comfortable throughout the whole process.” Another member who engaged our services said simply that using a financial adviser “took a load off their minds.”

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