• Consolidate your superannuation

  • You could possibly have a number of different super accounts resulting from previous jobs you've held.

    Having multiple super accounts is likely to:

    • Cost you extra money in administration fees
    • Take up your time with extra paperwork
    • Result in you losing track of some of the accounts.

    You can transfer (rollover) any unwanted, inactive or lost super accounts to your Australian Catholic Superannuation account—we can even do the work for you.

    Important things to consider before consolidating your super

    Before you ask us to transfer your other super accounts into the Fund, you should check:

    • Whether there are any exit or withdrawal fees that you may have to pay
    • If any of the accounts offer benefits that you want to keep, such as insurance cover. (As a Fund member, you can apply to bring your existing insurance cover with you).
    • Where your employer's future Superannuation Guarantee contributions will be paid. (If you're not already a member of our Fund and you want to ensure your current employer makes future contributions into your Australian Catholic Superannuation account, you'll also need to complete a Choice of fund form (PDF).)

    If you need help in deciding whether to consolidate your different accounts, you may benefit from financial advice. Find out more about our financial planning services and how to get the type of advice you need.

    To start the transfer process, simply download a Consolidate your super form (PDF). Once you return the completed form to us, we'll contact your other funds and arrange for the full or partial transfer of your money.

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