• Confused by Super?

    Australian Catholic Superannuation is conducting a series of free extended seminars over the January 2017 school holiday period to help people understand how the government has recently shifted the incentive for saving via super. It’s important to understand which tax-advantages super offers over other investment options.

    • What have you heard in the media?  

    • Do your friends or relatives offer opinions?  

    • Can you trust the information to be correct?  

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    Despite the changes announced in the 2016 Federal Budget, super remains one of the most tax-effective ways to build funds for retirement. Our research shows that many people simply want help, and guidance, to make sure they stay on the right road to secure their future. In this extended presentation we have distilled the legislation and our latest member enquiries in to bite-size chapters. Our experts will review the facts and how it impacts those who are considering their retirement options. Book now.

    January 2017 Seminars 

    Extended-length seminars feature presentations from the following: 


     1) Australian Catholic Superannuation – a Regional Manager, together with a Financial Planner, who will outline:        

    •  Which Budget changes affect you from 1 July 2017?  
    • Are you saving enough to retire on? (9.5% is not enough!)
    • No tax on investment earnings in retirement 
    • A significant once-off tax-saving opportunity until 30 June 2017
    • How to boost your super and avoid the pitfalls
    • Learn about our services to help guide you through 
     2) Guest presentation SuperFriend-Mentally Healthy Retirement   

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    For many people the thought of retirement is filled with excited expectations – time to spend with the grandkids, in the garden, hobbies, volunteering, travel. For others, it can be a time to escape – to overcome work fatigue, leave a dissatisfying job, or simply disliking work. Whatever your motivation for retiring, for many it doesn’t always work out as planned. Some people retire too early, become bored with the thought of nothing much to do for 20 or more years, so return to the workforce – or become depressed. Australian Catholic Superannuation has partnered with SuperFriend and the Australian Psychological Society to provide guidance about improving and maintaining your mental health.

     3) Guest presentation Centrelink  


    A component of our presentation is conducted by a representative from Centrelink and covers changes to the Age Pension assets test that become effective 1 January 2017, as well as eligibility for the Centrelink Age Pension. This session will be of interest to those already on the Age Pension or quite close to retirement and can help you understand how Centrelink support works in conjunction with your superannuation. Book now. 

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    Any advice contained in this document is of a general nature only, and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Prior to acting on any information in this document, you need to take into account your own financial circumstances, consider the Product Disclosure Statement for any product you are considering, and seek independent financial advice if you are unsure of what action to take. The material contained in this document is based on information received in good faith from sources within the market and on our understanding of the legislation at this time. 

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