•  MySuper - Your super choice for the Catholic Sector

  • What is MySuper?

    MySuper forms part of the Government’s broader Stronger Super reforms which are aimed at:

    • Making our superannuation system stronger and more efficient
    • Helping to maximise retirement income for members.

    The reforms affect super funds, their members and employers.

    For super funds to be able to accept default contributions on behalf of members, they must offer a licensed MySuper product with features which, as a minimum, include:

    • No payment of commissions to financial planners is allowed
    • A single diversified or lifecycle investment strategy
    • Life and total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, on an opt-out basis
    • A short, prescribed list of allowable fees.

    As our default 'Balanced' investment option already met most of the Government’s requirements, from 1 July 2013 it became our MySuper product and was simply renamed 'MySuper Balanced'.

    (Note: This change in name only applies to superannuation accounts. The Balanced option remains unchanged for pension accounts.)

    We also continue to offer a further 10 non-MySuper investment options, available to all members.

  • Who is affected by MySuper?

      • For existing Fund members—It means that our previous ‘default’ investment option was replaced by MySuper Balanced on 1 July 2013.
      • For new Fund members—From 1 January 2014, where employees have not made a choice of super fund, employers must pay contributions to a fund that offers MySuper. The contributions must be placed in the fund’s MySuper product, unless the new member has chosen a different investment option. This means that MySuper Balanced will be Australian Catholic Superannuation's default investment option.

  • Insurance changes

    • Subject to eligibility criteria, all members in a MySuper product must be given Death/TPD insurance on an opt-out basis.

      • Existing eligible members who do not already have insurance, including Personal members, will automatically receive one unit of Death/TPD cover.
      • All new members will be provided with cover (some conditions apply).
      • An opt-out form will be provided for members who do not want the automatic insurance cover.

  • More information

  • Visit our full website for further, more-detailed MySuper product features or send us your contact details if you'd like to receive a copy of our Superannuation Plan Product Disclosure Statement and Your investment options: Superannuation fact sheet, which outline the investment strategy for MySuper Balanced. Our Member Services Team will respond within 3 working days.

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