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    When it comes to managing your superannuation and retirement savings, we know you expect a Fund you can trust and rely on. We do our best to fulfil those expectations and deliver exceptional service.

    But don't just take our word for it. Here are some examples of experiences that our members, and others, have kindly shared with us.

    We'd also like to hear your feedback about our efforts, so please tell us your story.

  • “My wife Wilma and I would like to advise you of the high levels of customer satisfaction we experienced in this afternoon’s telephone enquiry with a young lady by the name of Rebecca from your call centre operations. This staff member demonstrated the ability and skills that made us feel very comfortable and confident in our dealings with Australian Catholic Superannuation. We had many questions in regards to Wilma’s transition to retirement. No questions were too much trouble for Rebecca to explain and the great efforts this employee placed into assisting us find the right answers to all issues raised was outstanding and is very much appreciated.

    In summary - exemplary service, thoroughness and friendliness were the 3 points we picked up in our conversation with Rebecca. Well done folks, if this is how you run your organisation in having these type of staff employed at your front line service calls then you are way ahead of the rest out there. I have recently retired and was an Operations Manager for many Government Customer Service Counters throughout Queensland and I know excellent client service when I see it. Rebecca rang all the bells.”

    M & W Ryan | Qld member | Dec 2014

  • "I would like to acknowledge the professional and personal relationship that I have experienced with Australian Catholic Super. The seminar in September 2014 and subsequent consultations, particularly with Rita have provided support, encouragement and highly professional super assistance. I would recommend this super fund as it is what is says. It has been a process built on trust. I look forward to continuing with such a professional organisation."

    A grateful member | Port Macquarie, NSW | Dec 2014

  • "Spoke with Jerry this morning. I have ALWAYS had polite, helpful and professional assistance from your staff. Jerry was great too. Hope you appreciate and acknowledge these wonderful people who work at Australian Catholic Superannuation, as I do...You guys treat members as people who matter, regardless of the enquiry."

    M Galvin | Qld member | Nov 2014

  • "Dear Roxanne

    I don't want to repeat myself—BUT I MUST—I was extremely impressed by the quality of your customer (member) service and general demeanour. You are an asset to Australian Catholic Superannuation Burwood. With polish dzie, kuje,"

    "Dear Scott

    I was very pleased when I received this information from you. It shows how much you care for your staff, and in broader description why they try so hard, and do so well {apart from being from good caring families}. And in the mean time all the best for you and all the SUPER family in Burwood."

    W Czyzewski | Member, Poland | Sep 2014

  • "Dear Katrina

    Thank you for coming down—the staff really do love it when you do that—they seem to take a lot more away from it."

    J Pustkuchen | WA employer | Aug 2014

  • "Dear Peter

    It was very nice to see you again last week and thank you so much for your assistance with my withdrawal of funds yet again...I really appreciated your efficient help and good advice every time I dropped into Favier House…You and the organisation were always user friendly and efficient in every way. My generation of women teachers got into Super late, but I must say Australian Catholic Superannuation really helped me maximise what I did earn, and in the end I used my modest accumulation—larger than expected as the Fund were excellent investors—in really satisfying ways."

    S Tyson | ACT member | Jul 2014

  • "Dear Katrina and Anna

    I just thought I’d email you and thank you for your very excellent evening session on Super that I attended yesterday...I want [to you] know that all your preparation for that evening session did not go unnoticed or unappreciated...As Anna knows I have an absolute phobia when it comes to discussing money and retirement plans and normally end up in tears. So I took my son-in-law (who is comfortable with numbers) with me for moral support last night and felt better for having him there. The people in the seats about me were very appreciative of your input as well and I could see and hear that the idea of a pension fund was new and quite exciting to a couple of them. I understood a little better this time although I really do struggle to come to terms with what seems to me to be a gamble on how long you will live and what your living costs will be. I find it scary, but I think Anna said a few reassuring things about the wisdom of making choices that left you feeling comfortable and so on. I loved the way you were both at the door looking professional and welcoming and the music was soothing and lively without being too trendy, because most of us were not in the trendy age bracket! (A few of us at work the other day said - how did we get to be so old and at the point of retirement? It seems to have happened so fast.) The catering was really good too. Just perfect really and people seemed to appreciate the chance to have something to eat at the end of the working day. I just want you to know that I thought what you presented was just very professional and excellent for people like me who are thinking about retiring. Even though I have had one to one advice off and on over the years I still need to hear the process stated again. I appreciated the emails and the reminder emails too. It’s a bit like going to the dentist for me. I really would rather ignore the whole process and the reminders gave the impression that you wanted us to be there and it would be OK. I suppose that you will find this fear of mine a bit amazing because you both seem to be so comfortable and clever with financial planning. But you were both really so professional, relaxed and reassuring and I count myself very blessed to be able to access your expertise. With kind regards and best wishes for your continuing important role in guiding us all into the future."

    M Purcell | WA member | Jul 2014

  • "Thanks so much Sharyn for all your help and making a scary time of life really easy. You made everything manageable with your thoroughness and expertise and explaining everything so well. I really appreciated it. God bless."

    C Andrews | WA member | Nov 2013

  • "Dear Sharyn

    We both love you to bits. You can certainly share our feedback. We can't thank you enough for your help. We have been most grateful for your user-friendly, professional advice and we are both feeling much happier about our futures."

    S & L Boyett | WA members | Nov 2013

  • Watch the video below to hear about Sophie's positive experiences using Australian Catholic Superannuation's financial planning services as she approaches retirement | S Ryan, NSW Member | Sep 2013

  • "Dear Paul

    Many thanks for your prompt email with my end of financial year statement, on Monday. Please find completed binding death nomination form. Thank you for your continued dedicated support. Keep up your good work. God bless."

    C Gorman | Qld member | Jul 2013

  • "Recently I called your office to ask about taking my super money out. I was informed very well by a young man who told me all the details and sent me the form required. This transaction was done surprisingly quickly and my money was in my bank within days. Thank you.

    Today I had to call [other fund] to enquire about the same matter and I must say the help or information I received was not near as pleasant or good as from your office. Thanking you."

    M McGinn | Member | Jun 2013

  • "THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We arrived home on Tuesday and what a wonderful surprise. My allocated pension all set up, first payment in the bank and Centrelink Schedule all done. Your staff need to go to Melbourne and run lessons for XXX Fund! Thank you so much for your advice and guidance and for ensuring this was all done hassle free. I truly appreciate your efforts and those responsible at your other end. Many thanks."

    G Wills | NSW member | Apr 2013

  • "Dear Thomas

    Just a note to say thank you so much for your extremely efficient, helpful and friendly assistance. I have downloaded and printed the forms and taken note of your advice re completion. If this is an indication of the level of service we can expect to receive then we are so glad we have made the decision to transfer to Australian Catholic Superannuation…so refreshing to be treated as a human being and not a 'number'. I simply cannot thank you enough for your swift and helpful response."

    K Donlon | NSW member | Mar 2013

  • "Hi Zilla

    First of all, thank you for your presentation on our staff day last week. It was much appreciated...I thought the content of your presentation was very interesting and informative in the time made available to you. I liked the reflection on The Future, living longer, etc. Quite sobering and what people need to hear. It was a pity more of the younger teachers did not choose the seminar. I liked the reference to what leaves a person exposed and what a person needs to do to protect themselves financially in The Game of Life. I liked the practical examples of falling in love and keeping a level head to consider 'financial compatibility' as well as the personal...All in all I thought the segment gave a good 'taste' of what people need to be considering re their financial futures, to encourage them to find out more."

    S O'Brien | Principal, St Mary's Catholic College, Woree | Qld employer | Jan 2013

  • Watch the video below to see what attendees have said in their feedback and endorsement of our free retirement planning seminars | Nov 2012

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