• Supporting digestive health and bowel cancer awareness

  • We’re proud to support the Gut Foundation by spreading their message about bowel cancer awareness and digestive health to our membership and the wider community.

    As a Fund, we are focused on improving the retirement outcomes of our members and are aware that both financial and non-financial wellbeing are key contributors to a comfortable retirement. Our involvement with the Gut Foundation is part of our continued interest in the broader health and wellbeing of members and complements other community initiatives that we support.

    The Gut Foundation

    The Gut Foundation is a leading authority on gastrointestinal disease and conditions in Australia. Through research and increased awareness, the Foundation hopes to help Australians understand their digestive symptoms, improve health through better nutrition and help prevent a bowel cancer diagnosis.

    The Gut Foundation advocates bowel screening from age 40 as key to disease prevention and early diagnosis. In addition, the Foundation focuses on the prevention of disease through better nutrition and has produced a great range of resources on healthy eating and nutrition .

    In partnership with the Gut Foundation, we’ve produced a series of videos on digestive health awareness. The videos cover a range of topics including bowel cancer detection and prevention, common digestive health issues and even some powerful personal stories from members of our community. Check out our videos and help us spread our awareness message by sharing them with your friends.

  • Bowel screening from age 40

    Bowel Cancer is the second most prolific cancer in Australia. 40 patients are diagnosed with bowel cancer every day and of these 12 will die because the cancer is diagnosed too late. The tragedy of the disease is that it is preventable if detected early.

    Almost all bowel cancers begin from a small benign polyp which slowly enlarges and then has the potential to become a cancer. Most polys will cause no symptoms, but because any bowel polyp has the potential to become a cancer, all polyps should be removed.


    View more videos on bowel screening and cancer awareness.

    Bowel cancer prevention tests

    There are two bowel cancer prevention tests available; Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) and Colonoscopy.

    An FOBT detects hidden blood from polyps in your bowel movements. The test can be done at home and involves collecting small stool samples for testing by a pathologist. The Gut Foundation recommends FOBT testing be done once a year from age 40.

    FOBT test kits can be obtained from most chemists or ordered through the Gut Foundation.

    A positive FOBT test does not been a bowel cancer diagnosis, but it must be followed up by a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a procedure used to inspect the large bowel using a tiny camera.

  • Gut Foundation moving 

    Gut health - diet and nutrition

    Diet and nutrition play an important role in our overall digestive health. Check out the resources below for information and tips on healthy diet and nutrition.

    The Gut Foundation Cookbook and e-recipe book

    The Gut Foundation has developed two great cooking resources to help you maintain good digestive health.

    The My Stomach Ache Recipe e-Book is a free resource filled with gut-friendly, easy to make recipes.

    The Gut Foundation Cookbook is a more comprehensive recipe book that features a range of recipes suitable for those with dietary conditions such as coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and other digestive complaints. You can purchase the Recipe Book from the Gut Foundation webpage.

    Here at Australian Catholic Superannuation, we were lucky enough to sample a number of delicious recipes from both of these books at our digestive health launch event.

  • Gut Foundation video series

  • Did you know that...

    40 patients are diagnosed with bowel cancer every day and of these 12 will die because the cancer is diagnosed too late?  

  • Gut Foundation cookbook and recipe book