• R U OK?Day

  • Starting conversations that could change – even save – lives.

    R U OK?Day falls on the second Thursday of every September and is a national day of action which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with loved ones, friends, work colleagues and fellow students, and ask “R U OK?”

    By simply connecting with people in your life – not just those at obvious risk – you can help stop little problems turning into big ones.

  • R U OK? - Ask the question using 4 simple steps
  • Why start a conversation?

    Connecting with others is a vital part of general health and wellbeing. It helps us cope with stressful life events, mental health problems, relationship breakdowns and bereavement.

    Research shows that talking about problems with someone who isn’t coping actually reduces their level of distress. It’s the one thing we can all do to make a real difference.

    Staying connected is as simple as having regular, meaningful conversations.

    How can you get involved?

    The best thing you can do is raise the question “are you ok?” with your mates. But raising awareness in your community will certainly help the cause. As will raising funds.

    If more Australians ask the question, there’ll be more conversations that change lives. Getting involved can be as simple as hosting a morning or afternoon tea, getting a bunch of mates together to enter a challenge event or coming up with something else creative and fun. 

    Whether you're at school, in an office, at uni, working remotely or just want to host an event to inspire conversations, there are plenty of ideas and resources to help you get started. Click here to access some great tools to start conversations.

    More information

    For more information on how to get on board and share your events, fundraisers and any other activities that you're doing to support R U OK? throughout the year, visit the R U OK? website.

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  • R U OK?Day bus crew
  • How to ask 'Are you ok?' at school/at work

    Watch these role play videos to get tips on how to support a classmate or work colleague who may be struggling.