• Trustee election 2015

  • Participate in our 2015 Trustee election
  • Trustee elections enable you to have a say in how your super is managed

    SCS Super Pty Limited (ABN 74 064 712 607) is the Trustee of Australian Catholic Superannuation.

    Electing a director to Australian Catholic Superannuation's Trustee Board is an important opportunity for you to have a say in how your super is managed.

    Our Trustee Board:

    • Comprises six member-elected directors and six employer-appointed directors
    • Has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and governance of the Fund
    • Must act in accordance with superannuation industry legislation and regulations, and in the best interests of members. This includes maximising your possible retirement benefits and safeguarding the long-term security of your assets.

    The current term of office for the six member-elected directors is coming to an end and so an election will be held to fill these vacancies. The next four-year term will run from 30 July 2015 to 30 June 2019.

    To make sure your best interests are being served regarding the management of your super savings for retirement, we strongly encourage you to participate in the 2015 Trustee election. 

    The election process

    Step 1: Call for nominations

    During November 2014, nominations were called for candidates to stand for the six member director positions available across three electoral divisions (NSW/ACT, QLD, WA).

    Eligibility criteria included that a nominating candidate must:

    • Be a Fund member
    • Be over age 18 at the time of nomination and
    • Satisfy all requirements of the Trustee’s Fit and Proper Policy.

    Some existing member directors were also eligible to stand for re-election. Each nomination was verified against Police and bankruptcy records, had qualifications authenticated and was checked for conflicts of interest.
    The call for nominations closed on 1 December 2014.

    Step 2: Notice of election

    In response to the recent Call for nominations, more than six eligible candidates were nominated for the Trustee Board member director positions available across the following electoral divisions:

    • Four positions in NSW/ACT
    • One position in QLD
    • One position in WA.

    An election will now be held to fill these positions and members will have the chance to vote for their preferred candidate, within their electoral division. 

    The member-elected directors will hold office for a term of four years, subject to the provisions governing the Fund.

    The Roll of Votes for the election closed on 1 December 2014. You're eligible to vote in this election if you were a Fund member at that date. Members who joined the Fund after this date will not be eligible to vote.

    If you're running as a candidate, you must also meet all ‘Fit and Proper’ legislative requirements and other election criteria.

    In late March 2015, you'll receive from us by mail a voting pack which will include a:

    • Notice of election brochure with candidate profile statements and instructions on how to vote
    • Ballot paper
    • Reply-paid return envelope.

    Vote for the candidate you believe has the necessary knowledge, skills and integrity to oversee management of the Fund for the future benefit of all members.

    Ballot voting closed on Friday, 17 April 2015 at 5:00 pm (AEST).

    Your votes have been counted!
    Click here to find out the results of the 2015 Trustee election.

    We’re here to help

    For more detailed information, download a PDF copy (see below) of the Election rules, Fit and Proper Policy, and Role and duties of Trustee Directors.

    If you'd like further assistance regarding the Trustee election process, please contact us.

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