• Corporate governance policies

  • The Trustee Board has approved a number of policies that assist in managing the governance responsibilities of the Fund. 

    The table below lists some of our key policy documents and their purpose.

    Policy document


    Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Program (AML/CTF Program)

    Outlines how the Fund manages the risk that it is being used for money laundering or terrorism financing.

    Board Charter

    Details the key policies and processes that the Board has in place for the governance of the Fund and principal areas of the Board’s role and responsibility including strategic planning, corporate culture, monitoring and evaluation of management and stewardship.

    Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

    In place to establish the continuity of business should the Fund's operations be threatened. The main objectives of the Plan are focused on the protection of human life and safety of personnel, rapid restoration of critical resources (at an alternate recovery site where applicable) and restoration of critical business functions.

    Compliance Policy

    Outlines processes and procedures put in place to ensure that the Fund complies with a wide range of legislative and regulatory requirements that govern the superannuation industry. The Policy provides information on the compliance system used, sources of compliance obligations, and how compliance breaches are dealt with.

    Conflicts Policy and Registers

    Conflicts of interest can arise in many situations. It’s not unusual or wrong to have a conflict of interest. The purpose of the Conflicts Policy is to assist all Trustee directors, managers, staff and others engaged in Fund business to deal with situations where actual, potential or reasonably perceived conflicts may arise between their interests (financial or non-financial) and their duties or responsibilities to the Fund. The Policy outlines requirements to:

    • Identify conflicts of interest (e.g. through regular review of all relevant duties and interests)
    • Avoid conflicts of interest (as far as possible)
    • Declare conflicts of interest (e.g. at Trustee Board and committee meetings; and in relevant conflicts registers)
    • Manage conflicts of interest (e.g. by abstaining from involvement in decision making; following prescribed procedures when appointing service providers; relinquishing certain gifts, prizes or entertainment received from service providers).

    In all cases, the interests of members and beneficiaries of the Fund must take priority and be met without any adverse effect.

    For more information, download our Conflicts PolicyRegister of relevant duties and Registers of relevant interests (see below).

    Dispute Resolution Procedures

    Sets out the processes for dealing with enquiries and complaints. The procedures aims to provide members and their beneficiaries with an accessible and responsive complaints handling process; treat each complainant in a manner that is consistent with the Fund’s Catholic ethos; resolve complaints in a manner that is satisfactory to both the complainants and the Fund; and provide data to assist the Trustee and management to improve the Fund’s products, services and procedures (including the procedures for resolving disputes).

    Fit & Proper Policy

    Describes how the Trustee ensures the people who manage the fund have the appropriate skills and experience and are of suitable character.

    Fraud Policy

    Sets out the Fund's commitment to the prevention and detection of fraud, theft and corruption. The document also provides a brief overview of the mechanisms employed by the Fund to reduce fraud risk.

    Outsourcing Policy

    Sets out the Fund’s processes for appointing, assessing, monitoring and terminating material and significant outsourced service providers.

    Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy Policy sets out how the Fund handles private information about individuals (normally members, their beneficiaries and employers).

    Risk Management Strategy

    Describes how the Trustee manages risk.

    Whistle-blower Policy

    Sets out the Fund’s expectations and requirements of its Directors and staff and their responsibilities and obligations relating to its whistleblowing mechanism and reporting procedures to protect the interests of individuals acting in good faith and reporting suspected incidents of misconduct.

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