• Fund governance

  • As your superannuation is probably your largest investment after your home, it is essential that it is managed by highly-qualified and experienced people who act in good faith, with foresight, and have your best interests at heart.

    Everyone at the Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund (Australian Catholic Superannuation) is focused solely on providing retirement benefits for you, our members.

    A big part of that is our commitment to excellence in corporate governance and so we adhere to strict industry standards, regulatory requirements and internal controls across all areas of the Fund.

    Australian Catholic Superannuation operates under a range of corporate governance policies and practices that have been put in place to:

    • Ensure that your funds are managed appropriately
    • Deliver long-term security to members
    • Set a clearly defined, transparent framework for the division of responsibilities in the oversight and running of the Fund
    • Ensure the accountability and suitability of all parties involved in the supervision and administration of the Fund.

    While our Trustee Board of Directors has overall responsibility for governing the Fund, it is our in-house management team and staff who control and carry out the Fund’s everyday operations to ensure that our service standards are met or exceeded.

    We also complement our in-house expertise with the appointment of external service providers whose specialist skills assist us with the Fund’s key operations such as managing your investments.

    In addition, the Board takes risk management, compliance and complaints handling seriously and has established a framework which enables Australian Catholic Superannuation to operate prudently and protect your interests.

    Where your interests and investments in the Fund may be impacted by the occurrence of a significant event or the decision to introduce a material change, significant event notices will be issued to all affected members in a timely and transparent manner.

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